Since the establishment of BHS Sports Foundation in 1992, it is estimated that over $600,000 in purchases or in-kind services have been contributed to enhance Brockton’s athletic programs. It has been these donations that have helped Brockton High School maintain its excellence on the playing fields. This is a small reason why our athletic program is respected throughout New England and helps Brockton continue to be known as the City of Champions.

We need your help to continue helping our student athletes and your sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. We meet the first Monday of each month in the Red Cafeteria at BHS. Please feel free come to our monthly meetings so we can tell you more about our organization and how you can help.

 A sample of services provided over the years

  • Offer an SAT review course for athletes each year

  • Development of the Baroncelli  baseball/softball fields and memorial planting

  • Temporary fencing for soccer and softball fields

  • Additional safety equipment to increase the number of athletes that could dress for a team

  • Replaced portions of the BHS and South Middle School gym floors and had them totally refinished

  • A new scoreboard for North Middle School

  • Turned an unused paved area into a practice field for freshman football and freshman softball

  • Pay to fertilize, aerate and seed the soccer, field hockey, softball, and freshman football playing fields each year

  • Donated money to erect lights at Marciano Stadium so night games could be played

  • Created numerous memorials around the campus in honor of supporters of Brockton athletics

  • Covered transportation costs for athletic buses when the school budget could not afford to pay the bill 

  • Subsidized and offset the cost of user fees for many years

  • Refurbished athletic weight room at  BHS and continue to buy updated equipment

  • Donated money to erect the outdoor scoreboard at the Baker School

  • New uniforms for the BHS Marching Band and a set of new uniforms for the half-time dancers

  • Subsidized the boy’s and girl’s track teams to compete in the New England Championships

  • Subsidized eligible members of the girl’s track team to compete in the National Track Championships and bought them new uniforms & warmups

  • New public address system  for Marciano Stadium

  • Watering system for the field hockey/soccer/softball fields

  • Sponsored free student spectator buses to State Championship games

  • All of the middle school athletic supplies in 2010 

  • Material and added enhanced lighting to the bridge entrance of Marciano Stadium from the main parking area.

  • Contributed to the purchase of the new scoreboard for the BHS indoor pool.

  • Food and beverages for the Harry Allen Track dedication.