Save Our Sports funds Brockton Schools Intramural Programs

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At the regular monthly meeting of the Brockton Sports Foundation committee (Save Our Sports) on September 8, 2014, Superintendent Kathleen Smith, Deputy Superintendent Michael Thomas and School Committee Vice Chairperson Thomas Minichello presented us with a proposal.  As a result of constraints in the 2014-15 fiscal budget, the Superintendent was seeking a way to continue the after school intramural programs across the school system.  The request consisted of $13,200 to maintain the program at the high school level and $35,700 for the 12 elementary school programs (a total of $48,900). This would allow the schools to offer a program 3 days each week between October and May.  After our questions were answered, we thanked the guests for their presentation and addressed the request during the “new business” portion of our meeting.

After a lengthy discussion, a motion to fund the high school portion of the program was made, seconded, and approved from the Foundation ($13,200). Due to the size of the elementary program request, there was far more discussion.  During this discussion, the Athletic Department offered to share the financial burden of the request with the Foundation by providing 50% of the allotment ($17,850).  A motion was then made for the Foundation to provide the other 50% ($17,850) of the requested funding of the elementary school portion of the program.  The motion was seconded, and approved.

The Superintendents’ Office was contacted the next morning and made aware that the Foundation will provide $31,050 and the Athletic Department $17,850 for support of the programs for the 2014-15 fiscal budget. Superintendent Smith was grateful that we were able to find a way to help the students of the Brockton Schools once again.

This is an example why The Brockton Sports Foundation (Save Our Sports) needs your help, both as a volunteer and as a donor. We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Please consider us for future donations or to volunteer your time and talent.