Coaches/Athletes Reunion a Big Success

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On behalf of the Brockton Sports Foundation (aka Save Our Sports), we would like to thank all of you that made the effort to attend our “Once a Boxer-Always a Boxer” event on June 19. Nearly 80 people attended this inaugural event, with athletes coming from long distances to see their former coaches and teammates. A special appreciation to former BHS athletes Bill Brown (’81- Berkeley Heights, NJ) and Jim Mooney (’69- Burlington, VT) for making the effort to travel long distances to attend. It was great to see many of the coaches make the effort to attend as well. The senior member was Harry Allen, who still looks great and was as sharp as ever. Even Victor Ortiz who, due to health concerns had said he could only stay 45 minutes, was there for nearly 2 hours because he enjoyed himself so much.

A huge round of applause from us to those former athletes and coaches that made donations to help current and future athletes at BHS. We are most grateful for your helping us continue the tradition of Brockton athletics. You can take the Champion out of the City, but you can’t take the Champion out of the athlete. Thank you!

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