BHS Athletics Reunion 2 weeks away

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Only 2 weeks until the first BHS Athletics Reunion.  This informal reunion will take place on Friday, June 19, at the Campanelli Stadium next to Brockton High at 7 PM.  Former athletes mingling with their coaches and teammates and reminiscing about a particular game or practice- does it get any better than that.  Coaches that have already committed to attend include Harry Allen, John Boutin, Claire Childs, Armond and Peter Colombo, Bob D’Arcy, Dick Ellis, Dave Fouracre, Brian Hoffman, Peri Jacoubs, Paul Jellison, Bill Jennings, Jim O’Donnell, Jack Olson, Brendan O’Neill, Victor Ortiz, Tom Pileski, Steve Stack as well as many current BHS coaches.  Take a moment from your busy schedules and spend some time with part of your history.  Click on upcoming events and June 19 to buy tickets. Tickets are only $20 ($25 at the gate) and include a ballpark meal.  See you there.